Life is short - Fly high Woensdag 9 maart 2016
Action, comedy, drama and music. This week in the spotlights: our new theme Austria!

Austria is devided into three programs:

The documentaries from the land of the Alps are personal and intimate. Quiet, sometimes even lonely, the stories behind the obvious and less obvious things in life are laid bare. These films show Austria from another side.

-Sixpack Shorts
Film lovers have known it for ever: film is a drug. But few people have taken that thought as litteral as Austrian film artists. Be amazed by these audiovisual trips. 

-Off Piste
Drama, comedy, action and music: Austria has it all. Have a laugh, maybe a little sob. These fiction shorts are about the absurdity of Austrian existence. 

Screening: Thursday 7th and Sunday 10th in LUX 1.


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